Many women wonder where to meet a man. The right choice to experience with a man several times will increase the chances of meeting a future husband. And proper behavior will help to hold him. Search of a serious relationship makes the girl to study all the available places to Dating men. Where to go in the first place in order to meet the future groom. And which places you should avoid and not waste time. Men that are configured on the relations with the commitments do not spend time idly. They are building a career, meeting friends and doing sports. Time for Dating with a girl is quite a bit, so the ladies need is to initiate a meeting and not spend days waiting for male attention. Important: if you decide to register on the Dating site to search men, try to choose pictures corresponding to reality. Men’s negative attitude to the fact that the woman in my life looks worse than the pictures. The first contact with the man will determine your future relationship. It is important not to alienate, but rather to encourage and to conciliate the man. It can be done, having studied the basics of male psychology, or by using our advice. The first thing to remember is that men love women visible. If they are caught, some trait of character or zest the exterior, they will return to thoughts about the woman again and again. Therefore, the main advice is to highlight your most important advantage and make the man noticed him. If you have a beautiful voice — you need to focus on that by taking over the conversation. Beautiful figure and gait can show passing men. A sense of humor to use by inserting into the conversation a good joke. Because men love with their eyes, you need to pay special attention to their appearance. It is important to observe the line between brightness and vulgarity. The man tuned for a serious relationship, pay attention to the neatly dressed girl, who skillfully flattering clothes and hide flaws. Important: when meeting with a man who you liked, try to feel his mood. If a man does not burn the eyes during your conversation, it is better not to try to get his attention. How to make a man began to speak first. Many girls are hesitant to make the first move and miss your destiny. Actually there is nothing wrong to draw the man’s attention on himself, giving him the opportunity to continue the acquaintance. The first conversation with the man should be on a neutral topic. In any case it is not necessary to explicitly show that you are interested in it. Representatives of the stronger sex often deters women’s initiative. Start a conversation preferably with any question. It may be a trivial»time»,»How to get to such and such a street». If a man is configured to acquaintance, he will ask any another question. As the first phrase to be a compliment to the man. For example, compliment his watch or You. Only it must be done unobtrusively, as if you really admire something in its way. Neutral questions or words are also suitable for the first conversation. This can be a remark about the weather, about the beauty of the street where you go or any question does not necessarily require a response. That man spoke first, need to establish eye contact and always smile. Benevolent form of a girl reduces the fear of men to take the initiative. First push the man, who was not averse to tie a serious relationship, maybe your appearance. For example, are too vulgar or untidiness. Smoking, chewing gum and other bad habits also relate to the fact that it is not necessary to show immediately. You should pay attention to your gait and your posture — men were more likely to pay attention to the girl who held with dignity and well groomed. Important: if the man thinks he’s not worthy of girls, it can prevent to meet you. After all, why pursue a relationship with a lady who in all respects better than you. Therefore it is not necessary to show the man that you sort of transcend it, and to better communicate with them on equal terms. Fear of loneliness, the girls may alienate a man. If you quite frankly want a relationship, in most cases, you will frighten a possible partner. Where to meet a man online and is it possible to create such men a serious relationship. The Internet is a huge area for Dating. In the virtual world you can find a friend, find partner for games or sports, a one night stand or just a companion. My husband to find in the Internet difficult, but quite real. It should be clearly understood that the faster the acquaintance will be transferred to real life, the less disappointments will in the future. Order and men were not created false illusions, you should immediately to disclose basic information about yourself and not to hide the presence of children or bad habits. This will not only create paired relationship of trust, but also help the man to make the choice to whether he should continue talking with the girl. Where in the Internet you can get acquainted with a man. In social networks (Facebook, Odnoklassniki), forums on interests, online games, Dating sites. When searching for a partner it is important to remember that he needs to meet. This applies not only to material wealth, but also of the level of intelligence, common Hobbies and views on life. To interest a man, it is important to show him your best qualities and be with him on the same wavelength. Of course. A meeting of fate can happen anywhere, even in line at the clinic or at an auto gas station. So when you walk on the street do not forget to look around. According to statistics, more than forty couples met at work. This means that we should not reject the office. In pursuit of a serious relationship is not worth it to rush things, but should enjoy the freedom and love yourself. The man will be in the moment when she will become self-sufficient and interesting yourself, not others. It is important to remember