Where to meet a man for serious relations. Says some statistics, in Portuguese the usual space of men less than women. According to rumors, all worthy men snapped, the other a womanizer, and others become gay. “A decent man for a serious relationship it is difficult to meet” said almost every first girl -first century. And you know, you’re right. If meeting men at night clubs, restaurants, or not to leave the house the intention to meet a normal man is reduced to the verge of unreality. This does not mean that world history has not known a single case club and family well-being in the end. I am talking about probability. Starting from the hundreds of comments and emails that I receive I can say, what women cry more often. The man has no respect for woman. She tries, and he does not appreciates, thinks only of himself, shows no desire to improve relations. Hence the conclusion (claim to truth): the main qualities that are the place to be at the man’s openness to self-development, commitment.

A man should find the correct purpose in life, and the woman, the man with the right purpose (C) says the Internet. Of men with such qualities of the wise woman “blind” sample of a hero. Not a wise turn into infantile, or a man run away, in advance of sensing the smell of fried. And you what woman, by the way. As I attended events so far in my life, where the vast majority of dedicated men. Someone already successful in the material sense, someone on the way. Only by chance will be able to meet a frivolous man in such places. Here, the male audience is more Mature and more serious. The most specific and thorough fellow. You love it. Then take a walk there at least once. If you have ever flown out of their country, you know, what kind of atmosphere in airports. People in the foretaste of rest, a change of scenery. It always has a interesting acquaintance. Moreover, the audience filtered: adequate men with average incomes and above. A bad attitude to virtual Dating. And for good reason. Do you have friends of couples who met online and are happy together. Not far to seek: my younger brother lives with a girl for almost two years together. The question is not how to meet a normal man on the Internet or even call them a dime a dozen. You can experiment and randomly dial a number and some of sevens, for example. Question: do you know how to distinguish the normal from the rogue and keep a man. There, as in life, you need to understand certain rules of the game. Decent men on Dating sites too. Their hopes crash on the rocks of the same type of female profiles, who believe that their beauty and ability to posvit the key to a successful relationship with a strong man. Naive Here, I will write this: if you which year pursuing this goal, and success is all there is, or are, but something does not add up maybe you should change the intention. After all, you are a long time of purposeful would make rich. But in General, to explore the rich need to spend more time in their environment: dear clubs, restaurants, private parties. But still recommend to follow the advice of the previous paragraph, because most likely goal imposed by (parents, society, movies, environment) and therefore unreal with great difficulty achievable (and NOT much of the fact that happiness THERE). No, it never means that single women are supposed to continue to run in the places where serious men with bulging eyes in search of one. We strongly recommend to read the article How to attract a man. for a more complete understanding of the issue of Dating. By the way, my friend, in which a harmonious relationship with a serious man for several years, said no more recounts her friends their advice about the psychology of relationships ten times, and just give the link on my blog. Nice. The key idea for today: understand WHAT you need a man and WHERE these are concentrated. Try to spend time there (of course, that you were in a rush). And you can meet HIM in the subway, the bus, and even in a strip club. The main thing is to smile. Drop the mind, develop femininity, harmony with the. You will succeed. And I will continue to help. Grateful for every comment and question (unfortunately, not always have time to answer. But reading from you all). Virtual embrace. In Goa told me: hugs a day, and man becomes happier. Left