Once in Brazil from Brazil brought to training on the truck for men (how to fall in love and to shoot the woman if simple) Here comes a man to the average Brazilian woman and begins to sing serenades about how she is beautiful and unique and best and many more beautiful words. Most women ready for him into the fire and into the water. Because, finally, at least someone noticed, appreciated, treated, her, Cinderella, like a Queen. But Brazilians are used to it from childhood: both the compliments and the attention, and admiration, and reverence. And bbw, and women in General all. And this man is lost in the crowd of Brazilian men. At every step, sorry, the phallus. Their love and respect, cast in a sculpture, sell wood of all sizes.

If You have girls, there’s this house, it is easy to check. The main desire in the process remember to make and then more precisely to formulate And you don’t even need to go to Brazil.

Oh, something I digress

Because I’m interesting to know the stories and only two months experience, tell how things really are I will ask Ilona, who is in Brazil, come here girl alone and knows almost everything about Brazilian men that most love songs about her, about love and not very happy and therefore even more colorful. When I fell in love with the Brazilians, I understand why all the songs about her. They arranged-they know that one day in the morning or after midnight in some bar drinking, they will see the Brazilians and the Brazilians to an incredible sociable, they start a conversation with strangers with such ease, as if you’re whole life living in a stairwell. And it’s just a misunderstanding, they still do not know About women, everything is simple — thanks to the loving Brazilians and the ability to lavish compliments, each receives a higher dose of attention. And because I used to see on the streets very well, chubby ladies in tight tights with micro-topics, emphasizing every bulge. And she knows she’s gorgeous. Of course, it can quietly survive due to the inconsistencies of magazine standards, but without attention it will not stay. And as Brazilian men, well, they like to charm, and they’re every woman can find something they like. Considered the most beautiful European features and blue eyes. Combined this usually creates a genuine enthusiasm not only for men, well and women. What they absolutely do not hide. For example, I love to tickle the cheeks of strangers old woman, I even almost got used to it and ceased to be covered cold sweat when approaching someone’s hands on my face. In General, the culture is very warm, allowing you to call the shop»my flower»and at the end of letters science instructor for the student to write»a whole». And they, incidentally, is true when meeting and parting, kiss each other’s cheeks. Going to be all foreigners believe that Brazilians and Brazilians are damn good in bed. Well after Seeing one time how they draw rollicking eight hips in the dance will disappear in this last question. In the centre of the city where I live is a huge phallic sculpture, called»Tree of life»and there is a wonderful Museum, the same artist with the same sculptures. By the way, about Catholicism — many of the Brazilians are religious, but that does not prevent them to enjoy all the pleasures of life. Including, for example, to change wives and husbands.

you can tell the man

The Brazilian penchant for drama here is shown with full brightness. They think that their lover happy well all just want. love the Brazilian is a special case. His woman is the best, in everything.

And to the point

They call each other»my love»and it’s very touching. Once my old Professor came sorry and said that»his Princess»feeling sick, I decided that it was about his granddaughter. But no, pereproshit, I learned that’s his wife they have been together for over fifty years. the best that ever happened to them. Healthy pot-bellied men quite endearing Lisp with their wives and children, as once probably communicated with them by their mothers. Care about the woman they do great, sometimes they are even a little strident, but this did not detract from their merits. Usually the man pays and provides the family, but that varies in connection with the gaining momentum of the feminist movement, and I regret to notice that — year-olds and further to the right galantee than their younger colleagues. As a rule, Brazilians of middle and upper class do not dump all your homework or children per woman, have one of the staff. If not, then they are likely themselves to wash the dishes. The parents of the Brazilians get a very touching, tender and often very protective. Here is considered quite normal to live with parents until marriage or marriage, that is years to. Civil marriage is not common. They are usually long-term relationships live with their parents and becoming regular customers of the motels and then get married and move into his house. And continuing to go to her parents on Sunday, where a bunch of aunts uncles. Children in Brazil is very expensive, mainly because of the price of education. Now no families at the children as before, but still all they want and awfully proud of first pregnant belly, and then the heirs. Like in series in these big families have their own history with the rapid peeped in the series scenes and not less rapid reconciliation. Fighting and tolerating, Brazilians remember that love is the main thing and while it will there is no doubt that the air will always smell like hot arms will sound the rhythms of the Samba and every step will be a dazzling sparkle snow-white smile. PS While Ilona wrote this article, I found myself outside the bathroom window (in the Brazilian homes have no glass, only wooden or iron bars) curious the Negro, who watched as I showered. Was immediately Visionen male sister who learned about it, was awfully outraged and organized the whole pursuit. To catch any failed, but I earnestly was offered a revolver. (In Brazil You can shoot anyone who got to you on private property, even on land), but a gun I can not use, only know how to put signs on the Rails around the house, and confined And I really liked that Sunday to the family. Time when they are spending time with family