Get ready

Ask questions

So ensued a long and interesting dialogue, ask as many questions as possible. This will allow not only to get involved in an interesting conversation and will help you to know the interlocutor better. For example: what sports do you think is the most violent. This could be a starting point for a long discussion of various topics. Avoid questions that give only two answers: Yes or no. It turns a conversation into a dead end and creates an awkward silence.

Be confident

Do not hesitate to take the initiative in their own hands. If you see that guy a little shy or looking for a topic of conversation, take control of the situation and set the tone for your conversation. Be open, talk straight and do not dissemble. Remember that you are communicating in the network, and there is no place for hints. If the guy you like, let him know that. But a certain distance should still be observed: do not go into revelation, which is not to say when meeting. To do this, there will be a time, if your communication will be continued. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and likes to be listened to. Give him the opportunity to vent and feel like the center of attention. Ask about the interests and preferences: he probably has a favorite video game or favorite brand of beer. Tell the answer about their preferences. Don’t miss the opportunity to argue with him about something. Don’t forget about the sense of humor. In girls it is valued less than boys. Try to make him laugh and smile positive emotions like nothing else contribute to the location and sympathy. Following these simple rules, you will be able to attract the attention of a guy and it is nice to surprise him. The main thing is not to overdo it and stay natural