Football unites and gives love, but Moscow is now just flooded with fans from all over the world. Travel to Brazil not only to watch the game and cheer for their team, but also to meet Brazilian girls. Their beauty is known throughout the world, and for foreign fans a novel with the Brazilian beauty is the ultimate dream. As the chief judge of female beauty in the»Championship»edition has instructed me to learn the secrets of Brazilian girls — how to glue foreigners. On their own there is not enough, so I helped two lovely girls.

They kindly agreed to one night become»shemdinani». We went for a walk in Nikolskaya street in Moscow, and my friends showed that a lot of effort to make not necessary — foreigners will do everything.

But there are nuances

The main thing — the right choice. The approach is different for everyone. Karina chooses fans around the country, she likes to relax in Switzerland and Portugal, so fans from these countries is preferred. Kate first of all looks at the appearance, because if so, and to relax in the arms of a handsome man. Here are its top foreign fans. By the way, is very popular Argentinian traveler, which first told Pauline kuimova specially for the readers of»Championship». Well, we turn to the case — how much time to remove the alien. It turns out that just three sentences. Fans from abroad are very sociable and easy-going.

The main method of»Instagram»

Quickly add them to friends and here you are already familiar. Knowledge of any foreign language is a great bonus that will help you quickly establish communication, but sign language is not much complicate your task. Our girls do not need to exert much effort. Mining itself is floating into their hands. The easiest way is to ask for a joint photo. After a couple of photos you can already meet, and so it was removed this Brazilian. If you like foreigner — don’t waste time, because, as you know, women on the planet more than men. There is a pragmatic approach to the question — in the crowd overheard the conversation of two spectacular girls who tried to understand, in front of them a rich Sheikh or a simple citizen of Saudi Arabia. Finally saw a cheap watch and decided to»hunt»on. If the most popular fans from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Portugal, the most unhappy are from Korea. Our girls absolutely do not pay attention to them. Single girls come to Nikolskaya street for different reasons. Someone really looking for love suddenly she arrived from Brazil. Others are looking for short adultery. And someone needs a rich sponsor. But believe me, these»hunters»you will learn immediately. Do not think badly of Brazilian girls and reminisce about morality. They meet new people, gain emotions and bright impressions, because the world Cup only once in life. No one foreign fans did not to be rude or to be rude to our girls. Apparently, after the events in Marseilles, the whole world learned that they have strong heroes patron. View: photographed, but do not touch. No negativity — shook hands, exchanged»instagram»or phones that took pictures, a kiss on the cheek — and you can go further. Dirty sleaze and rudeness — you won’t find this, so girls don’t be afraid. The world Cup in Brazil will come again soon