A resident of the Brazilian town populated solely by women has appealed to the male population of the Earth with the offer to move out to relocate.

In the village there are more women aged twenty to thirty-five years.

They expressed the desire to have a romance and marry

About women have informed potential suitors via the media and the city page in Facebook, posting in your account pictures of everyday life of Cordeiro. Resident Noiva do Cordeiro stressed that interest only bachelors, and ready to accept their way of life, which is actually a matriarchy. Brazilians are accustomed to manage their own city-a municipality with vast farm. Some women Noiva do Cordeiro married and have children, but their husbands and sons work and live in other cities, some of the men allowed to come home for the weekend. Unmarried inhabitants of the commune are unable to marry the sons married women, since many families have long intermarried, and their descendants have each other cousins. Young women Noiva do Cordeiro told the press that most of them»not kissed for several years.»They reported that dream to fall in love and get married. On appeal by the inmates of the»women’s city»has already responded to men from all over the world. On the page of the community left messages wanting to meet singles from Brazil, India, USA, Egypt, UAE, China, Puerto Rico and other countries.

The Brazilians while on call did not respond

Noiva do Cordeiro (in Portuguese»bride Cordeiro») was founded in Mary. The woman was forced to leave her family after she was accused of infidelity to her husband, whom she was given by force. When Lima left the wife and founded the settlement women, she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

The priests anathematized her lineage to the fifth generation