Exactly ten years ago, the Jonquil, a small town in the South of Brazil, came to the ballet world map. The now deceased famous dancer Alexander Bogatyrev came up with the idea to open in Brazil the school of the Bolshoi theatre. The initiative was picked up and brought to life legendary choreographer Vladimir Vasilyev and the Governor of the state of Santa Catarina Luiz Henrique da Siver. Today the school teaches classical ballet and modern dance for children from almost all Brazilian States (and several countries in Latin America). The project is focused on finding and nurturing talent. Most pupils come from the poorest segments of the population, almost all study free of charge. The performances of the school during the ten years of its existence has seen more than a thousand Brazilians. Graduates to work in the ballet troupe of the best theatres in the world. In Brazil I lived in St.

With seventeen years working in the Mariinsky theatre. Started with apprentice dressmaker. Over forty years of experience has grown into a fairly good wizard the costumes (say, rejecting false modesty). In Brazil got quite by accident (although, they say, nothing is accidental). The daughter married a Brazilian. Two years they spent in Europe, in France, but then decided to go here because my husband daughter here mom, dad and so on. I, of course, deep down, wanted to go away from them, to see the country. And then one day at work I heard a casual conversation on the phone: the Bolshoi theatre is looking for a man ready to go to Brazil, to do costumes for the play»the Nutcracker»under the direction of Vladimir Vasiliev. With the Bolshoi theatre I had the experience of cooperation. As I understand it, at the Mariinsky me this job said nothing (although I knew that I have a daughter in Brazil), because I didn’t want to lose a reliable employee. But it is then, and at that moment I almost pulled up the man from his hands and began to find out details. So here it goes. Now I am the costume designer for the Bolshoi theatre school in Brazil. Lived here for a third year. I love it, really. Unfortunately, I do English no boom-boom. But when my children povyvodili married to foreigners enrolled in: one son-in-law spoke in Spanish, the other Portuguese. And English I once went here not talking and all. And then my son says: why do you English. Teach, speaks Portuguese, because Spanish is similar. Well, I took the Portuguese not knowing what will move, the year before. It was hard, because I work from eight to eight, and then also study hard. In the end, came here with some basics of grammar basics, transcriptions, associations. In General, the real knowledge it wasn’t. Honestly, I didn’t know what was waiting for me with what I will face. I was just curious and not scared at all I’m an adventurer at heart. Of course, I was struck by the heat. Again, getting used to everything, but the first year was very hard. I came here in February, in St. Petersburg and Rio de Janeiro, was freezing at minus forty, and with ladder came here forty-heat. Almost degree drop, after two days on the road. In the first year took off, probably ten kilos. At first I tried to eat the way I used to, but it is not tolerated here at all. Impossible to eat macaroni and cheese with butter is too hard, the body simply can not withstand. Need more vegetables, greens, I’m used to it, and I love it. Very happy that I live a three minute walk from work. Peter drove an hour and a half one way, half an hour in the other tubes very exhausting. It turns out that here I came back three hours daily of life, which in the native city of killed road. Me it’s very, very exhilarating. Here in General everything is more relaxed, there is no such napryazhenka, as we do, and, consequently, other people are very friendly, very welcoming. Here to compare, even if not with Brazil and France: when arrived there, I noticed that there are not terribly fond of foreigners and it shows in every way at the store, transport, no matter where. Here in Brazil, on the contrary: all you are greeted with open arms. But the fact that they are not in a hurry, it is a fact. They have nowhere to hurry. I think it was originally due to the climate. After all, the hurry habit is genetic: in the cold country don’t hurry with the work, planting grain, for example, and all will live from hand to mouth. And as we have wars we used to fight, to defend ourselves. There is not, almost not have any wars. Once glasses I ordered, drove to the opticians in a taxi (then the machine I was not). And I asked the taxi driver how much it can me to wait. Yes, plenty, said. Ask the salon how long will it take for me to get these glasses.

Say, minutes

In the end, an hour and a half. I am disgusted: girl, you told me minutes. She responded purely Brazilian: well, you have the same two lenses. minutes it is an abstract concept, not a specific time. This response should be understood as:»will be ready today.»All is well, all great, today is not the time tomorrow will do, what’s the difference. The first year parts of the job I was terribly enraged. I didn’t understand as well as possible: here is the seamstress, for example, left to astrocyte inches, it’s two minutes. But her workday ended, she stuck a needle and left. I plan to do for the working time some work. If you do not have time to linger. Here I have not seen any household aggression. Our people is inherent even in the family: we are aggressive against each other, to children. Here I differently looked at things that had not noticed before. In Brazil, I realized that we behave a little bit wrong even to his family. There is no such, although there is also some excesses. For example, I went once to the pool. There are many children, and they are allowed anything, no they do not make comments. A habit I have even slapped a boy on the butt is not punched, and slapped at the wet bottoms. He was not allowed to get out of the pool, jumped in front of me, I did it not in the hearts, and with a smile, that he understood that was acting up. For him, it was such a shock, they are generally not acceptable. When I saw his eyes when he turned to me, I realized that I am very much mistaken, what he was going to complain to their parents and the matter may even reach the court. But nothing happened, maybe somewhere deep down he understood that does something really naughty. Brazilians are very different raising children. Here in twenty years, people still a child. Him thirty years, and he’s still a child. If he has his own family and children, he’s still a child. We do not have. My son twenty-three, he had two children, and when the first child was born all he is the father of the family, man. Here, even if the birthday go mom, dad and baby take a nanny. Why is the nanny there. I do not understand. That local you see about Brazil on TV, often comes across America, so many believe that Brazil is a very powerful aggressor. But I think not all dare to say it to my face. With someone talk about politics and understand that Yes, they believe we attacked those, on those. they Have that feeling. I say: you want war. No. So I do not want exactly the same, my whole family, all my family, we don’t want that. And what happens, it’s not our game, we are simple people, somewhere something happens, no one knows the truth. And everyone agrees with it. Nevertheless, again, they have a feeling that Brazil is the aggressor. Our school Brazil perceive differently, through the prism of culture. This is a school of Brazilian ballet. The students all dream to visit Brazil. To get there, to live, to work. Another issue is that they themselves are not very good idea. Many students have already left here in Brazil: in the Big dance a few people from this school, in Kazan we have a girl dancing and very happy. It is there prima, good girl, very talented. As for the people on the street, many have no idea what is Brazil, where she is who lives there. So I drive a taxi, for example, and the driver starts talking: think, of course, there are those who more closely study the history, geography. But most people simply do not think about such things as other countries. Here, I understand, do a little reading. Local primarily interested in entertainment, to eat, to have fun, to dance. All very light, nothing intense. We have in fact historically, it is necessary to worry for the future: in summer, do not take care of food for the winter will be hungry to die. There is no need to think about it, all the year round grows all by itself. No need to think about how to heat your home, procure some to do. They are not used in principle to take care of tomorrow. A roof over your head is great. And there is no roof, and do not care, will not be lost. Importantly, the serpent did not crawl. Remember, as a boy student brought the boots that danced, and put on the table. I told him: can you imagine another head put on these boots. Then look at them all the shoes are always on the tables. Do not put on the floor, dangerous in the morning there will put your foot in and there was a snake. They and all the rubbish is elevated above the floor, not on the earth, and all of these bins on a high leg. Also then realized why. In the city, of course, will not find snakes, but outside the city completely. My daughter lives in a country house near the forest, and there, sometimes crawling. So as not to attract snakes, all the garbage hung. Here the stiffness of the object. We have the same as he passed by, quickly spoke and went, and nobody noticed. And they all are very vulnerable, very sensitive. The first time I worked with them, they have me crying. They are not used to the fact that someone demands something. Say to the worker: when did you start to do something to make you think that you should get or think. You need to understand what you’re doing, and not just scribbling. She sits and cries like a baby. Then I realized that it is impossible with them will achieve nothing, if I’m to blame. The price of housing much depends on the area. If the center of our city, the one bedroom apartment to rent, it is about two thousand reals (about forty thousand). But it is in the center, and if away cheaper. My take a big house or reals, but they have a huge area on two floors. Shoot they are not in the centre, there are excellent air, nature. But the mosquito threat. The kids wanted a second child, but due to the virus of Snakes, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, have decided to wait. This virus is dangerous for pregnant women children born with terrible disabilities, there is some kind of mutation. The daughter consulted with the doctor, and he said, do you understand what business, nobody knows what will happen in a year or two, and nobody knows how long you have to wait. But then again, in the city centre, these mosquitoes are not, so if to become pregnant need to move there. I pay for the light very much, though I can’t say that burning lamp shamelessly. Constantly included only the refrigerator and the computer, incident order rubles a month, I believe it very much. But there are virtually no transport costs. Now I bought the car and I can’t say that a lot of money spend on gasoline: in principle, I do not go anywhere, to work easier to walk. If you go to the nearest city where there is a beach forty minutes drive away. But generally, gasoline is more expensive in Brazil. Machines are also a little more expensive, especially imported. And those that are local produce, not the quality. I understand that there are a lot of rich people. But there are quite poor, and I think more of them than us. That is, the bundle is strong. As for the middle class, then say so, their minimum standard of living to our maximum. But then again, what I said is not a fact, it’s just my personal opinion. Here are the conclusions I could make, having lived here for some time