Brazil is the only superpower in Latin America with an economy that breaks up, but runs into insurmountable obstacles, including the poverty of the majority of the population, lack of education and qualified personnel, lack of any infrastructure and more crime. Brazil, like other Latin American country is unbearable contrast, when the touch at one world rich white and poor people from the ranks of the Indians and métis.

After neighboring Argentina has embraced a large-scale crisis, Brazil has become almost the main economically developed country in the region. Brazil has a population nearly the myelin the person developed the energy power, which is based on bioenergetics and the work of HPP. There developed the most advanced industrial sector, the country produces a large number of vehicles and attracts global investments. In recent years, Brazil is fighting corruption, but the methods are not always effective, here don’t want to make sweeping laws that would effectively punish the corrupt officials, the main methods is the increase of salaries in the public sector, who repeatedly broke away from the average, it is assumed that the person with the big salary will not take bribes for fear of losing their place.

Here is a very popular nepotism, corruption level is very high

In Brazil there is no middle class, a social elite, entrepreneurs and government officials-all they make up a population, all the rest of the Brazilians is poor. The social differences between classes with every year more and more increase, poor families cannot send their children to private schools, which provide a decent level of education, as a result rising generation, who cannot compete in the modern world. Public schools are like prisons, where kids are just sitting and not studying in private schools can cost $ per month for a child the money can only select one