To use all features of this site, you need to register to log in to your account on the site. Choose your social network to login: to use all functions of our website, you need to register login to your account on the site. Choose your social network to login: the Knowledge of the Portuguese language will help in many ways — you have decided to relax in the sun in Portugal, go to a meeting with friends or going to networking. In any case, knowledge of Portuguese will be, if not a big plus, it is a good helper in achieving your goals. Feed author and professional teacher Elena Shipilova gives the most basic Portuguese course consisting of lessons. This beginners course will help in case you require a superficial knowledge. Visitors will be able to learn about the times and learn the basic verbs of the Portuguese language, Elena will talk about the rules of making proposals. The channel added video tutorials for learning other languages also in the same compressed form — you can learn other popular languages such as English, German, Italian. Leading channel — a Ukrainian immigrant in Portugal says Portugal on the Brazilian. Page contains many video lessons with the materials to explore including the Portuguese language. Here you can learn the beginning level of language proficiency, raise your level, get to know Portugal and its features. The visitor will be able to find out about Portuguese cuisine and other characteristics of the country. The visitor will find on the channel video courses Portuguese for beginners. Feed author is a native speaker, more years lived in Portugal and will talk about how to behave in everyday situations where you might need Portuguese. Subtitles and explanatory notes appear in the video as needed.

All training is in Brazilian language. Full course materials are not intended, but may be of great help in language learning. A small video will help to get acquainted with Portuguese kitchen, study and life. Charming teacher with a graceful accent of Sandra in the Brazilian language of Portuguese will tell about to all guests channel. Here you can find the Portuguese course for beginners and tourists. There is a video about the most common mistakes that learners of Portuguese. All information is non-standard interesting method designed to remember the lessons for a long time. Amir will help to learn the language by a special technique of Michel Thomas for Portuguese speakers. The materials will help to achieve its goal of wishing to raise the level of proficiency in the Portuguese language, there is a video for beginners to learn the language. Learning materials are usually in the form of presentations with explanations on Brazilian and Portuguese, which will help to pull grammar and pronunciation. On channel you can find videos about travel around the world. Feed author is a polyglot, so on his channel you can also find materials for learning other languages — English, German, French, Dutch, Kazakh, and many others. The promise that after completing the training, the student will be able to speak a foreign and negotiate with foreigners. The channel contains materials for the study of Portuguese, English, Brazilian and German as a foreign language. On the part of the Portuguese language channel has videos that will introduce the entry-level training — students are familiar with the grammar, can vocabulary and learn how to learn the language faster. Friendly feed author Daria will talk about the Portuguese language and will learn the initial level. The channel contains many small videos, each allotted to a particular subject. Daria will tell the audience about the intricacies of the exam in Portuguese and share their authoritative opinion as to learn the language. A kind of Brazilian-Portuguese dictionary, translated in video format.

Video helps to learn elementary level of proficiency

Students will be able to expand your vocabulary and train an understanding of Portuguese comprehension. On channel you can find materials to replenish the knowledge of many other languages, Portuguese is given of video tutorials