We support only the desire to find a partner for serious relationship and marriage. The site services are free for women and paid for men. You are single and would like to meet a man for serious relationship and marriage. You are interested in Dating, and You were looking for an international Dating site that was totally free for women and paid for men. Dating site with foreigners is paid for men and free for women. Men (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) pay for the ability to send messages this is a»pledge»of the seriousness of their intentions. a German project (Dating site), which aims to provide women from countries of the former Soviet Union and men from Western Europe to get to know with the purpose of finding a serious relationship and creating a family. On our website You will find the questionnaires of male foreigners.

The only conditions that must be met by all registered with us ladies this is a serious approach to Dating (the presence of a sincere desire to meet a man for serious relationship and the lack of vested interests) and timely response to letters from men. Our employees support customers who are in contact with both men and women on the website. Customers share with us their experiences and ask for help if they have any questions. Therefore, if there is a suspicion about the seriousness of women or men, we find out about it. Men pay for the opportunity to write for women and are on the website not for fun or raise self-esteem, so you need to answer their emails, not just ignore them. Our customers from Western Europe want to meet serious and single woman for a relationship and future together. And if You wrote a male acquaintance with whom You are interested, you should let him know. Just one short and polite message*.

Europeans important certainty

In contrast, the Eastern European girls who directly deny like the quiet men from Europe prepared to hear the failure and taking it easy. Europeans are brought up in traditions of respect for the woman, her choice and right to choice. And so they will not be angry and bored lady rude messages. No need to delay your registration on the website Dating for later. After all, You may postpone for an indefinite period and important changes in your life. Sometimes it is necessary to begin to change yourself, your life, and thereby to open, and be ready for something bigger: the emergence of a loved one in your life, moving to another country. No wonder they say that»a rolling stone gathers no moss». Believe in yourself, your strengths, and be sure that every woman deserves and can marry a foreigner. for example, you can write:»Hello, Heinz. Thank you for Your letter.

Unfortunately, I can’t reciprocate

I’m sure You will be able to meet a good woman.

I wish You all the best.»

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