Brazil is considered a very attractive tourist destination, but there are enough reasons from visiting this country should be abandoned. Before you — the twenty most significant of these reasons. Brazilians eat a lot of meat.

Cows need to graze. That is why the rainforest in Brazil cut down and burned on a massive scale. And while enjoying an exotic drink, you contribute to the destruction of tropical forests. Plus, if the meat you are indifferent You will probably have to go hungry during the holiday in Brazil. As in Thailand, in Brazil it is very common to face a very unpleasant»surprise», a logical consequence of the entrainment of the local population with a sex change. Even if you excelled in science to distinguish a woman from a man in Brazil in this regard you will have to learn something new. In Brazil there is a very strange law that cars must maintain a certain form of ethanol produced from sugar. This is done not because of any concerns about the environment, but only for support of the sugar industry in Brazil (sugar is one of the largest categories of exports of this country). Well, since the sugar industry in Brazil is the same corrupt as the whole country, petrol prices are constantly jumping. Voluptuous Brazilian beauty in a tiny bikini — sight, which can be fun to anyone. However, if you are going to admire the girls in bikinis, keep in mind that you will have at the same time to deal with hairy, sweaty man in tight-fitting shorts in which he can’t even fit. In Brazil, no of tones — everything is very clear: to travel to Brazil, you will find yourself either on sverhdorogim resort, whose main goal is to pull as much money as possible from tourists, or in the slums.

The choice is yours

In Brazil, monetary policy is»aligned»with the U.S. dollar, but the costs are still very high. Delicious after dinner, go on excursions and visit the trendy nightclub, you run the risk of then start to count the remaining pennies to make it to the end of the holiday. Hot sun and constant rain are the main»perpetrators»of the very wet weather conditions in Brazil. If you hate humidity, heat and stuffiness, it is better to go to some country with a colder climate. God forbid you be a football match among the fans in the paraphernalia of the opposing team until the final whistle, you simply will not dosidate. Police and politicians in Brazil do not make any secret from the fact that they can be easily bribed — and some even take bribes in broad daylight. Of course, any government is difficult to call it incorruptible, but only in Brazil there are so brazen and shameless corruption. Malaria, AIDS, dengue fever This is not a complete list of the diseases you may encounter in Brazil, if not be cautious enough. Of course, the same can be said about any other country, but for some reason in Brazil, tourists often forget about simple safety precautions. Tourists who go to Brazil to relax, very often become victims of street robbers or petty thieves that can easily steal a handbag or wallet. But those who will try after meeting with the thieves to call the police and get her to intervene, it remains only to wish good luck. The Brazilian economy is often described as booming, however, the evidence on the streets of Brazilian cities you will not find living conditions still leave much to be desired. The poor continue to get poorer and the rich richer. Familiar.»Beautiful»and»wonderful»tropical forests is the myriad of bugs, dangerous animals that like to eat random tourist, and rugged terrain, which due to the moisture content becomes very similar to the swamp. Take a tour to admire tropical forests, an inexperienced person alone is definitely not recommended. Anacondas, Boas and pythons can’t wait for another delicious dinner in the face of a lost tourist. If you ever find yourself in Brazil and will see at least the tip of the snake tail — flee from all legs. Of course, from the famous Brazilian carnival is an unforgettable bright impressions, but if you come to Brazil with children to relax in a calm atmosphere, you will obviously not up to carnivals. Family holidays in Brazil are rare, and the noise and the drunkenness which is accompanied by any carnival, family travelers are sure to appeal not to their liking. Prostitution is one of the biggest problems in Brazil (often»moths»there are even underage girls). Whatever you did and wherever you were, do not approach the Brazilian prostitutes never — no matter how attractive and available didn’t seem the girl. You probably don’t speak Portuguese. The Brazilians will likely not understand English. So, trying to explain something, ask or just know the road, you are likely to just injure my throat. If you are going to Brazil not to six months to lock myself in a language school, it is better to forget about the trip. Another sadly common problem in Brazil — kidnapping people in a taxi and hold them hostage until ransom. If you don’t want to lose all of their savings and to be eventually buried in the pit in the rain forest, stay home. Brazilian police uses a strange method of crime prevention is the local police can arrest or on the spot to beat anyone who they seem suspicious or threatening. A threat to what exactly nobody knows, because the Brazilian police operates in secret. Therefore, if you have no desire to appear in the police reports, stay home. Brazil is not only an incredible level of poverty, the threat of violence and very bad living conditions, but also the constant violation of human rights. However, the rest of the world prefers to close its eyes on this little speck in the hellhole, no way is Brazil