This course of thirty lessons final test designed for the beginner who is not familiar with the Portuguese language. At this stage, our goal will be to introduce you to the Portuguese language, to give a General idea. Having studied and worked the whole course, you independently take the decision to continue studying further or not. From my side I guarantee that the lessons will bring you a sea of positive emotions from the process and the main prize — the result of your knowledge and expected use of the obtained experience in practice in life. Think live the Portuguese language will enchant you forever. It’s like a dip in the warm sea water on the Brazilian coast. Feelings and impressions that are never forgotten, is that you can repeat. Personally, my experience was exactly the same when I studied Portuguese in the distant year, for me it was the fateful event that changed your whole life turned on its head. I must say that marks the years that I dedicated and gave the Portuguese of Brazil. Never for a moment did not regret the hours spent both learning and practice, and later on a daily basis, living side by side with the Brazilians day by day almost years. This is how to enchant people. Once and for life. It’s not love at first sight. It’s a love that is comprehended, deepens, strengthens, and develops gradually and gradually as you go deeper into the bowels of Brazilian Portuguese. Want to experience something like this in my life. Not to learn, not to torture, not to learn and push yourself under the lash. And really fall in love with the language and it will never be a difficult occupation and willful effort on them. This is a hobby, a joy, a thrill and the result that will give you the desire to conquer new horizons, to see what you can do. How far are willing to go after their dreams and discover their own abilities in patience, zeal, diligence, persistence, motivation and a lot of what we’re trying to develop throughout life to become successful realized, happy. Want to realize his dream — to understand Portuguese. Start here today. Let this course be your starting point in achieving the dream In the lessons included information, time-tested. All the material passed through personal experience (years with the Portuguese live). In the lessons not that in standard courses and textbooks. Only experience textbooks the realities of life. All the Brazilians I was able to pass for years, give it to you. Without embellishment, exaggeration and ‘fabulous’ items. The only way to really communicate in Brazil. About European Portuguese (Lisbon, Portugal). My favorite is Brazilian Portuguese.

No other. Other options Portuguese is not interesting to me, and I would be unable to invest in their soul, as they do with the Brazilian version, which for me is joy, work, fun and work. Each lesson on the theory of small (up to page) must be attached to the writing task, the video file (usually to min). Lessons learn and in writing to perform the job. The tasks are simple, well-enhance your knowledge of Portuguese and your motivation to study. Those who do not want to do any jobs those who are not particularly necessary. And who does go through. Homework you are free in the mode that is convenient to your daily life. Everyone has a different pace of life. Someone more, someone less. We all have only twenty-four hours in the day. That’s why I want you to not feel any serious part, when it is run. You can perform in the rhythm that is convenient to you.

On the audit

All you need to find the time. Check the home works of the students of group ‘Basic’, I’m in the end of the week regularly, allocate a few hours. After verification, send a certified version with notes, questions and answers, comments on email from which you received the letter from the doses. Attention, the course is free: lessons, theory, material, practice. Verification of work — charged service. You are free to choose, just subscribe and get all the materials free of charge, to carry out the lessons in a table or to find someone who will check. Either subscribe to the lessons and to submit work for review. If you send your homework — I in the first letter to inform you about the payment. Payment is made at a time (for the entire course of thirty lessons and test). Thus we support you with feedback. You see what you get, but can’t. Where you need to catch up and where you succeeded and surprised by his effort. For more than a year that I teach Portuguese online, had a chance to see different in type, temperament and commitment of people. Some crazy inattention to the material, others were struck by their precision and dedication in execution of tasks. Each individual and my goal is to find the key to every. It is in order to realize the main mission of the project is to bring Brazilian Portuguese effectively to all who really like and who is willing to devote this time. Throughout the time that you will learn the lessons of the free course if you decide to send home work for the pay check, then you send them to my email. Homework assignments are performed only document the Thief. Important: the document must be named template: Name the name of the lesson. What it looks like (name the documents, I mean): Ivanov Ivan (or if in a single document several, that indicates the range with some of what the lesson: Ivanov Ivan) Every student, so nothing gets lost in the General database has its own folder, and if you receive a dozen works titled: ‘the Document. They are very easy to confuse and send the wrong people. Happened in practice, so this item strictly. Just performing this requirement can be confident that your is received and inspected. DZ with the title ‘homework’ and something similar is not checked. You will have feedback from me during the passage of the lessons also give support to the emerging issues on the Portuguese language within the topics covered in this basic course. Topics not included in the course based on their complexity, not addressed in the course because it is a basic, introductory, simple communication skills, but not deep knowledge. This is all addressed in the advanced course, which follows the base on a paid basis. The main disadvantage of the free course, that it does not include my assistant via Skype. That is to check your pronunciation, I can’t. But in terms of writing and oral perception, basic course copes well. The course allows you to get the basics of the language. At the end of the course, you pass the final quiz to test yourself. Explain everything in a straight line. I prefer to be honest with you, no false promises, do not try to disguise ulterior motives. Fill out the form on the home page and confirm your agreement on the free course (in the activation email from the service distribution) and the first archive lessons will come to You in the a.m. don’t delay ‘and then’ your dreams, remember, what we write lives on clean copy, another chance will not happen. Inhale-exhale and you will never forget the scent the air of Brazil. You need to experience it. Words can not describe. Be inspired for great things in your life