Subscribe to our newsletter and get a Check-sheet to help you determine how best to learn languages that you This is the third post dedicated to the selection of a good language resources on the Internet (Links to the others will be opened in the next few days we exchanged a really good, well-liked, applicable, and proven resources (and not just a certain set of URLs). there are lyrics and clips with karaoke so you can sing along with your favorite performers.) Everything is broken down into musical genres, they are really very much.

video. Generally pay, but you can find on the Internet part I.

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You can get the course here: this is online radio. Downloaded to any resources (phone tablet in app form, on the computer just the website opened). Interested in a custom region, country, topic — enjoy.

pronunciation recorded by native speakers

I think the resource is useful for everyone. With regard to Portuguese, then from the list of active users, all from Brazil. Online magazines about all sorts of non-scientific topics, relationships, fashion, celebrities, all sorts of news in General, should be reading, where everybody will find something to taste: unlike normal tastes that I have met here are really useful words that are needed for simple conversation. here a lot of things: articles, videos, lyrics. Everything is broken into sections, language Portuguese, but everything is clear — where the music where the sport where women where horoscopes. Dear administrators language groups rastaskivat this article in your group, just please, don’t forget to make a link to a website of Eugene kashaeva, mother of the founder of the project I. I Love to invent, and love good people were studying pieces of languages, and now has hit a creative (and Cantonese)