I started preparing for the trip about a month in, we had a lot to organise. The first thing I remember is fear. Fear of the unknown. I went nowhere and no one. I met a Brazilian girl on the Internet and with it we began to plan the trip. She was driving to her boyfriend and I for a man I never met but who gave the chance to carry out my crazy idea is to see Brazil for what it is. But I knew that you can not give up, I am strong, I will succeed and God will save me, because I followed a dream. And I also remember how at the beginning of summer ran in Park and received a response from the Brazilians, that she is ready to shelter me in Rio. How many people in that day saw my air twines Joy knew no limit) surprisingly in me completely no fear, only the anticipation of a dream come true. At that time I had already made friends with the Brazilian, who was waiting for me like a holiday in your house. I was sure that Brazil will welcome me and will not give offense. The way it came out. The people were extraordinarily welcoming, sincere and kind. I already learned other Nations, particularly in Europe, and I had something to compare. Brazilians are those people that reveal to you not only your home, but also the soul. And ask nothing in return. These people can not not love and to reciprocate) I’ve seen a Brazilian house, and everywhere I was received as a daughter or close friend. There were moments when, because of circumstances I had to travel alone, but then there were people ready to help me. As I said people. And of course, the nature and fruit. And all the Brazilian atmosphere, the feeling of joy that overwhelmed me every day. I think somewhere along the way to Brazil, I lost the fear. I know for sure that has become more open minded and kinder, I found a lot of friends during my»Brazil.»Sometimes I even think that I’m more waiting there than in Brazil, even Brazilian) Yes, of course. I remember in one of your classes, I found the answers to the questions that were postponed. I spent a lot of time doing advanced for the tutorial, and with the Brazilian, but still has always left things in view of the difficulties of international communication, was unclear. And you were the person who knows both sides of the coin. I will always be very grateful to you, know this. * I remember read your story of the trip to Brazil, and I pretend like everything will be from me. I NEVER in my life and could not think that after months of learning the language, I’ll be so good to speak and understand for any language. By the way, Brazilians often I had compliments about my pronunciation and generally admired my knowledge) One even asked me not to speak to him in Portuguese because he was afraid to love unrequited to me. Of course, now that there are more people waiting for my arrival, there is no reason to fear) I think I spent not weeks, but months. I completely imbued by the atmosphere, and learned in a short time the whole city. Question: if someone asked you, would you recommend me as a teacher of Portuguese. Of course, I think the best teacher of Portuguese difficult to find, because you put your soul in what you do. For you the result is important and dedication. Question: and most importantly, what are the main objectives you had during a trip to Brazil.


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A longtime dream. The main purpose that prompted me to go to Brazil, was the meeting with the beloved, meeting a surprise because he knew nothing and at that time we didn’t speak, but my the feeling was strong enough to one to make the madness and to cross the ocean. Thanks to him, I discovered his boundless love for the Portuguese language. I remember after meeting with the Brazilian, I looked everywhere for the ways to learn this beautiful language: English at different sites, downloaded different apps, listening to music. And then I came across your offer of a free course of Portuguese, and immediately wrote a letter. It so happened that it accidentally fell into spam, and you saw him only a few weeks. By the time my Brazilian, decided to forget me, and I left the idea of language learning. When I came to the answer where you asked me if I still have the desire to take a course or not, I hesitated, but decided that I have nothing to lose and agreed. I remember after the first lesson, we talked on General topics and realized how close to each other. At that moment I realized that I had found a teacher, friend and support in one person. For me it was like a sign of destiny, that everything in life happens not just need to follow my heart. Sometimes I think I don’t get a message from you in that moment, I would have never discovered the wonderful world of Brazil. Home about the author Free Paid training course of Portuguese Tariffs on the learning Feedback of my students