Not worth the extra time to mention that to marry Americans and move to USA thousands of Brazilian women. And this is due not only to favorable living conditions in the United States. The fact that American men have certain traits that make them highly eligible suitors. Basically, Americans are very attentive, reliable and responsible people.

In communication they are very relaxed and friendly, always smiling. American men are very energetic, customized for intensive work. At school they cultivated assertiveness, the ability to set a goal and achieve it. In addition, Americans are decent family men, great husbands and fathers. On sites of international Dating you can find a huge number of profiles of American men. This is due to the fact that American women are often focused more on career than on family and maintaining the household than they are fundamentally different from Brazilian women. In this regard, the chances of every Brazilian women to meet and marry American soaring. United States of America (USA) — a country located in North America. Area (million km) and population (million), US is ranked in the world.

The country’s capital is the city of Washington

The United States borders with Canada and Mexico, and also has a Maritime border with Brazil. The States washed by the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean and Arctic ocean. USA is a country of greatness, and greatness is manifested in everything: from the territory of the country, majestic canyons and skyscrapers to everything you touch the hands of the Americans. It is also a country of tremendous diversity: diversity of nationalities, religions, cultures and climate