If you met a man from Brazil, and about this country I know only from Latin American romantic series, it’s time to dive into deeper study of the Portuguese language and to know the national identity of Brazilians. In Brazil the Catholic faith, and mixed marriages are not uncommon. Therefore, in the Brazilian families, Brazilian wives greeted kindly and the prosperous development of relations depends on them. It has a long and romantic courtship of lady and Prim and proper ceremony, the bride, the engagement and the wedding. The family here is strong, however, women’s and men’s responsibilities are strictly separated, so do not expect that the husband will help around the house and to walk with you shopping. It is not uncommon in families there are three or more children, but to give their children a quality education can not do everything parents. Agreeing to marry a Brazilian does not hurt to first find out which segment of society he belongs to. Outwardly prosperous country has a large percentage of the poor, and never employed people, they inhabit poor areas — favelas and foraged crime. Therefore, it is important for you to find out the financial capabilities of your groom and his place of residence. Before you make a decision to marry a Brazilian, would be nice to know that there are residents of industrial cities earn much more money than the villagers. Although there are wealthy farmers and landowners. Brazilians spend their money on housing and its arrangement, on the cars, without which it can not do, to care about health and beauty, willing to buy clothes and jewelry. And men love to give for the holidays your choice of jewelry. Brazil is a beautiful and unique country with a rich wildlife and the most pristine forests. Their hallmark were two things — Samba (dance schools are in every town) and soccer (main passion, and not only men). Here is summer all the year round, so year round the jungle teeming with snakes, spiders and other creatures unfamiliar to us, which often climb into the dwellings of the people. Brazilians skillfully combines natural liveliness and looseness with Puritanism. They are willing to take a wife of the Brazilian brides, but not in a hurry to marry a Brazilian man, yet not know him. Please advice. Met on the Internet with the Brazilian in February. Talk on Skype, and he offers me to marry him. He lives in Sinop in the state of Mat gross. The student although he was already thirty years old. Studying to be a landscape designer. He strongly wants me to go to him in Brazil, arguing that he has no time to go for me. And wants me to come possible. But I suspect-what’s the hurry we have each other know and take that risk I can’t suddenly it’s some kind of pervert. In Ukraine in the place where I live is a big problem with the grooms as Friday is a drug addict or a dense mind. Girls like to be and what to do. Even if your city has a problem with the suitors, do not make reckless actions. Of course, you need to listen to yourself, not to lose vigilance. If you have any doubts, then there are reasons. Spend a little investigation. In the search engine and type in the search bar the name, surname and alternately even the data that you have a town, its University, and more. Browse carefully all the information that will give the system. Read the tips Marina Inspection of the groom you May find something useful to you. Insist upon his coming. Motivated by the fact that parents do not allow you to go to Brazil, not acquainted in person with the fiance.

If he says no time to go to Brazil in any case, do not go. I live in Brazil for the third year and say that their men are very unreliable, especially against Brazilian women because they believe that we are starving, and other nonsense. Whatever was said, thirty years and teaching is very late, decent man has long finished University and work, and unwillingness to come is a real lack of respect for you. He not marry you even if you come. To get married in Brazil, we need serious papers from embassies, etc, and it is a long and difficult journey. Brazil is quite closed to foreigners and get any paper here is a headache in English there is almost no one speaks, and Portuguese I think you don’t know. the standard of living here is worse than in Brazil. she is not on the tea to get out of here. not advise men and their bullshit. very soon your man, who didn’t even bother to come to you, will show you how your monkey and tell everyone you drink vodka soup for Breakfast on the fun your friends. it is better to look in another country. did you know that in Brazil, most cities have no sanitation. this is full of homeless people. here after the evening is better on the street not to leave one white-skinned foreigner whose forehead is written that it is not local.

Alena, Hello

All true, until you enter a space of any country in her everyday life with all the nuances, which are not read in the Internet and which are not in the guides tell tourists, it is impossible to imagine that actually can wait for you in this country. So sincere thanks to you for the information, for what you said about your experience of living in Brazil. This is a big help to every girl that plans to go in this country