Perhaps one of the most vital issues on the website, and for me personally

It the view taken not from the ceiling

Before you make such a strong statement, I studied the statistics, other people’s opinions and not once asked this question to the Brazilians. In addition, with all the adventurous and some “crazy” Brazilians, they are the same pleasure will conduct a “quiet family life”, “ready for adventure”.

Family is something that Brazil really important

Another point that makes the girls of Brazil unlike the representatives of other countries, is what is often called “hot blood.” They really love real emotion, to love, to suffer, to cry, swearing that no matter what, the main thing to survive, not to keep, feel. And, perhaps the trump card (not counting the openness, friendliness, sociability inherent to all Brazilians) the Brazilian ladies, the charm. If appearance is somehow possible to argue (about the taste do not argue, really.), the fact that Brazilian women are very nice and sweet in communication, it is an empirical fact. And if to speak about such subjective things like beauty, then, of course, everyone chooses for himself, I will give only examples of the most typical appearances of Brazilian women, decide for yourself. It was impossible to ignore and shapes of Brazilian women, because I’m sure many of you reading this article to find the answer to the question — “are the Brazilian women big butts.” and Yes, it really is There and genetics, and on the one hand a great love for sports (both sexes), and on the other hand, a huge sweet tooth and flour (cakes of all kinds and types — one of the main dishes of Brazilian cuisine). I’m interested in the topic of relations between the sexes, and I always try to note to myself how to build relationships between people in Brazil, Asia, Europe, Latin America, if possible, asking questions and learning the opinions of participants of the process, and just watching. Genuinely happy to see people happy, happy, because their life is pretty good, and I have no doubt I can say that in Brazil live happy people.

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