Many girls in the post-Soviet space dream to get married abroad. They see life as a fairy tale, the Prince on a white horse, Villa by the sea, and no worries. Let’s for a moment take off the»rose colored glasses»and assess the situation with a marriage a sober look.

No good or bad Nations, there are just people. I’m not going to say in this article, the Portuguese good or bad. Just talk about the difference in mentalities. Will clarify once I have a personal relationship with the Portuguese was not judge relations or friends simply by observation. Here another years ago, women wore skirts to the floor, no makeup and no heels. Then the migration of Brazilian, Ukrainians, Brazilians in Portugal. And, of course, the culture began to mix. The youth of today are more open-minded, with a desire to learn and the desire to achieve something in life. Let’s talk about men and women who are over. Just the right age for marriage. What do you expect from a man and a woman that is willing to give in return. For Portugal normally Saturday to do the cleaning. You may wonder what’s so special.

Everyone is doing the cleaning

But no. On Saturday, meaning the whole of Saturday, and not hours like we used to do. They can really devote a whole day. And, not before some holidays and every Saturday. And men realize as a matter of course that they go on Saturday with friends in a cafe, and a woman,»wash house». And, of course, will have to learn to cook Portuguese dishes, if you want looking for a job, the likelihood that he’ll like borscht or dumplings to zero. In the villages it is still possible to see women of advanced age with a gas bottle on the head or a basket of potatoes. Men surprised women’s inability to drag twenty kilograms of food to the house. Normal Portuguese relations before marriage can last for years or more. There are instances, and quite often, when a man thirty years lives with his parents, and»found»on the weekends with his»girlfriend»about his age. The truth is our women they are trying to quickly get to the registry office. I don’t know much Portuguese, but one thing’s for sure: the Portuguese, who had been our relationship with the woman no longer wants a relationship with the Portuguese this is a fact. They often marry, because it is necessary, well or to pay with credit for housing. And then everyone lives their lives. Here, our women are no exception. They are fine if everyone pays for themselves, or take turns paying for both of us. Of course, there are exceptions. But in principle, it is normal for them. And they can order one for two piece of cake is not out of greed, for them it is normal. There is nothing even to explain. But they can be beautiful to speak and write about love.

And watch that calf eyes

You can often see the couple he’s young and pretty, and she is years older, pounds heavier than thirty, and he looks at her like a goddess. Holds hand and does not let go, afraid that will lead. Another positive aspect in a marriage with a Portuguese residence permit and Portuguese citizenship. If the value of a residence for ordinary people costs about euros, by marriage (for the wife of a Portuguese, and a Portuguese husband) is only euros. And after years of marriage, the foreign spouse is entitled to Portuguese citizenship. Regardless, he has a job or not, he knows the Portuguese language and history or not (for citizenship in the usual manner is a necessary condition). There are still Portuguese»domestic production». These are our men (and women) who have received Portuguese citizenship. As for the documents, they have all the rights as native Portuguese (and this applies to marriage too). As for the mentality they are slightly different from those who stayed at home. But again, it all depends on each individual. Someone lived here and learned from the local culture better, and someone, Vice versa. To marry with the Portuguese in Portugal or at Home. I will not write the order of marriage at home, write what you need here from a foreign bride: a passport, a residence, is a document that confirms that you are not married at Home, and no impediment to marriage (issued at your Consulate). If on a tourist visa, for example, the residence is not required. If neither a visa nor a residence (registry office) submits a request to (service, working with foreign immigrants) for what position you are in the country, and then you need to wait for a response. A month or more, and then you might get married. There often works the human factor in Portugal is often hit or miss. Looking at a person, get somebody starts to put a spoke in the wheel, and someone is making concessions and tries to help. Marriage in working days and during working hours in the Registrar’s office is the Euro. At the weekend, visiting the ceremony from the Euro. Anyone have experience with the opposite sex Portuguese invite you to discuss this topic in the forum