Now, to meet a hot macho or dark-skinned Latin American beauty, no longer need tickets and visas. Brazilian boys and girls will come to visit and will communicate with their new Brazilian friends in the virtual room popular video chat. The developers of the Brazilian entertainment website created for flirting and Dating based on the popular game»spin the Bottle», signed a contract with a popular Brazilian online platform, with more than fifty million users. It is expected that after signing the contract average revenue per user to»bottle»the startup will grow from cents to. Especially for Brazilian guests the website of the»Bottle»has been translated into Portuguese language. However, this is not hurt Brazilian users to communicate freely with their new friends in chat rooms will be available for automatic online translation. No language barrier, only free communication, flirt, romance and thousands of new pleasant acquaintances. We will remind that already work with English, French, German, and Chinese versions.- this is an entertaining resource for finding new Dating and flirting will pomatum of the popular game»spin the bottle». This is the first and world’s only service that combines a classic Dating site and video chat, working on the principle of roulette. The portal provides almost endless opportunities for exploring and selecting sources simultaneously on the website are tens of thousands of users, and who the next minute will show»spin the bottle»-a big surprise. Continue to communicate or not to leave one room and choose another, go into private chat or to play in a big company -everyone chooses for entertainment, because the portal offers a variety of opportunities. And those who, unfortunately, has not learned to behave with dignity, safely protect the moderators and the automatic system ban. The product is designed for age range eighteen that has a simple and easy registration and a wide range of interactive features. The alpha version of the»Bottle»is available to users on the website and all popular social networks.»Play spin the bottle as before, play spin the bottle a new life»- encourage the organizers. In Brazil over the past year the game has already acquired more than millions of fans.

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