A few days twenty-year-old boatswain Vladimir goes to Brazil. The ship on which he works, is engaged in the delivery of goods to the countries of Latin America. He was in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. The first thing that catches the eye in Brazil, is the passion for football, dancing, beer and love relationships. In football, especially in the the beaches, chasing everything from children to the elderly and pregnant women. It can be a huge belly, almost the ninth month, and she will run, kick a ball, — says Vladimir. Dance and drink beer there, too, with kindergarten age. In cafes, beer drinking people of any age and gender. Eating meat — it in Brazil is cheap, it costs about two dollars per kilogram. They eat mainly beef or veal, pork were not honored. Meat served on the grill is a huge piece that everyone cuts off as much as he wants.

In the parks young men can kiss for hours, even if you barely know each other. Love there best-selling product. The profession of a prostitute is not considered shameful. Brothels of different levels a lot. As a rule, cheap hotels for seamen and as such are. Vladimir visited the brothels, high and low classes. Was such a hour with a prostitute was worth fifty dollars, but there are really»professionals»- a beautiful and skillful. These institutions are four-storeyed, with a nice interior. Other, simpler, two-storey, with a shared toilet and shared shower facilities, where such services are approximately$. Says Vladimir, a Brazilian prostitute terribly amorous. With her three nights will hold, and she you too crush on.»All the Brazilian prostitutes have children, — says Vladimir, there are single mothers pay large child support». If by slum you go with a prostitute, no one will touch you, — says Vladimir, — and robbing all the time. They gather a crowd, in the hands of machete, his eyes mad. Of course, they will not kill, but Rob in full. Vladimir in Brazil not just robbed — stole seven digital cameras and a huge number of cell phones. Of course, the Central street of Rio de Janeiro neat, to walk there safely because the police duty and every police officer on four pistols in his pockets. The people who work in offices, wearing civilian clothes, in suits, but will roll in the working-class district and will see Brazil in all its nakedness. Brazilian men wear shirts, shorts and sandals, Brazilian — t-shirts, jeans and clogs. The Brazilian slender, mostly mulattos, the whites there a little, but on my stomach all folds, because I love to drink beer, — says Vladimir. By the way, despite the fact that he didn’t know Portuguese, with the local population to communicate easily in all of Brazil, from the top to the bottom, you know English. People are open, emotional, women are highly gesticulating when talking. But be hospitable, as a Brazilian, no. To treat the Brazilians do not like, they like to be treated. Although there was one interesting exception. And it was so: our hero sits in a local diner, drinking a beer, then sits a middle-aged man with a huge gold chain and the face of the pox, but behind this fellow are the two guys with»guns». He was known in Rio, mafia, Rodriguez. And to Vladimir, I heard rumors that Rio is under two groups, Rodriguez and Gonzalez. He talked with Rodriguez, like the local mafia so that he»lent»to him at night two girls from my collection. And the girls were beautiful like a model, — legs, slender, raised, tender lips and eyes on half face. Incidentally, it is strange, but despite the fact that Brazil is very similar to Argentina (although the latter is colder and more white), the inhabitants of these countries to each other can not stand. In Brazil, all praise Pele, he is the king and God, in Argentina instead of Maradona. If in Brazil pronounce the name of Maradona, they will spit. The same if to say the name Pele, in Argentina, — says Vladimir. By the way, Chile from these countries compares favorably with the cleanliness. There crime is almost there, but all the buildings and t-shirts people have portraits of Che Guevara. In Ecuador, cleaner than in Brazil. There Vladimir met with a student prostitute. The girl needed money to pay for it, and that worked. So dangle Lovelace Vladimir to South America. But once, at the dawn of a seafaring career brought him to Australia. There he met a family of emigrants from Brazil. Almost married a girl, Natasha. Her father had offered him to stay, promised to help with the work.

Sorry Vladimir, not married

Now he has all that is necessary sailor — beauty around the world at a reasonable cost are at his feet But an ordinary human there is no happiness. At any use materials reference to is required.

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