Well, I don’t know what to say. Portuguese, as Portuguese)a good housewife, it seems to me that they have a matriarchy — and can beat her husband.

recently I listened to the arguments of a girl years. That her man’s home is not needed — with her panties and socks. Let him live at home, and she comes to visit. Alexander, in my environment a lot of unmarried Portugal, but they are not eager to marry. Local young people do not bother to family relations. And yet, when I talk about the fact that the house needs to be clean, I always for my husband to look great about the food is a separate issue, these women looking at me if to say the least, as to the rarity, but in most cases, how insane. But the Portuguese men are not opposed to meeting in the future to marry a Brazilian or Ukrainian girls.

This is a paradox

Almost completely agree with Svetlana, the niece of the husband for the year Dating a guy, and almost live, I see the same pattern, which was described by Svetlana. Nobody wants no responsibilities-not like something, then quickly fled. Even my husband told me, and he was informed that if I were the Portuguese, have not made up our relationship.

Then what youth expect

I have the feeling that the Portuguese in this respect escaped when Portugal joined the European Union. Earlier in Portuguese families had from before the children now, few people want to give birth-just today this topic was discussed in the local meat shop