Latin American soap operas was created by the Brazilian men of a certain positive image. International Dating sites quite a few men from Brazil. And, if you want to get married in Brazil, then it can happen. Brazil is a beautiful country. It is rich in natural resources. But poverty here is just staggering. In all large cities there are special poor areas — favelas. A permanent resident of the favelas with contempt for wealth and hoarding. Work favela residents very little.

The majority of residents of favelas do not want to work at all. A living for themselves they produce crime. Along with a calm decent areas there are those where a walk in the dark is almost guaranteed to end in a robbery. In the daytime, this area can be quite quiet, but in the evening it is better not to risk it. Need to know certainly where he lives, which layer of society belongs to your future husband, you must be sure that his financial possibilities will allow to provide a normal life. In Brazil there is a cult of the female loin. Virtuoso to turn this place — great art and sign the extraordinary talent of many Brazilian beauties. Lush and outstanding ass main asset recognized beauty. Sport in Brazil is very popular. Football is the main passion. The Brazilian national team in football is the top football skills for all the fans. Any loss of the favorite team is regarded as a national tragedy. In honor of national Brazilian capoeira martial art. Brazilian cuisine is the result of the mixing of Portuguese, American and African cooking, with additions of elements of Indian cuisine. Brazil is the leader among Latin American countries on industrial development. The Brazilian economy is recognized by experts of the IMF ninth in the world. Citizens earn on average more than rural residents. Although there are farmers and large landowners, which are presented in Forbes magazine. One of the favorite spending of the average Brazilian is upgrading their homes. Personal car — an indispensable attribute of a resident of a large city. Even if a person works really next to the house, he would prefer to commute to work by car. But the wife of Brazilians themselves go for groceries, carrying packages of food. Brazilian man can’t do this.

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But don’t count on the fact that the husband will do the work, which is called female. Brazilians spend a lot of money on beauty and health. Brazilian family spends money on cosmetics and perfumes not only women but also men. A subscription to a fitness club or Samba school is a necessity. And the cost of purchasing it is not negotiable. In Brazilian society approximately sixty whites and twenty blacks, and little by little, Indians, mulattoes and mestizos. Mixed marriages are not unusual. Therefore, normally relate to inter-ethnic marriages, most Brazilian families meet Brazilian wives kindly, and the further development of relations depends on them. But you must know that intimate conversation with someone from the Brazilian relatives about personal problems will immediately become available to the General public. It is very important not become the subject of ridicule from neighbors. If this happens, you need to have the courage to respond to these taunts. In Brazil, a large family is no surprise. As a rule, parents try to give children the highest quality education. But not everyone can afford it. Brazilian school gives a low level of education. For admission to the UNIVERSITY must prepare with private teachers. Nurses common in wealthy families and the middle class. In poor families older children look after the younger. The nature of Brazil’s original and beautiful. The most pristine and wildest forest in the world. And wildlife there is rich and diverse. We must remember that from dusk till dawn the jungle are at the mercy of snakes, poisonous spiders, centipedes and other vermin. Sometimes they can visit your dwelling. That’s why the walls here are painted white and linen is almost always light to see the intruder. Free medical care in Brazil is very bad. You need to have health insurance, to be able to receive adequate medical care in time and in the right amount. But insurance can afford only a solvent citizen. Prior to a decision about moving to Brazil it is necessary to make sure that your partner can buy insurance for you. Divorce in Brazil is very rare. But to divide the property in case of divorce it is something like a national sport. The presence of the marriage contract facilitates this process, although the existence of a contract happens. For travel of a minor child abroad must have the written consent of both parents. But often, this law is violated. Especially easy to get around the law on land borders. They say love conquers all. If you love, go for it. But consider whether you accept the customs and traditions of this distant and alluring country