The singer Will Ermolaeva Franco, which is already five years living in Brazilian the city of Salvador, told of how she married a Brazilian, and the people of Brazil are different from Belarusians. Met my husband on the second day of my stay in the Brazilian city Salvador. I came for an internship, and the first task was the presentation of their country for the organization and other interns. Paterson previously worked in the same organization and went to training in Brazil and Colombia, but that day came a guest to the event. He says if I liked him immediately, and he tried to talk to me, impress with their knowledge of the Brazilian, but it was not very interesting at that time was affected by the difference in time zones, the fatigue after the flight, I managed to get sunburnt on the beach, chill under the air conditioner, didn’t get enough sleep and generally felt terrible. Paterson gave me his number just in case, wanted to have lunch with him and his canadian guest. Immediately I refused, but later called and I was lucky that he just left and I waited. Badly wanted to sleep, or at least tea. And I must say that in addition to air conditioners in the premium drinks cold drink ice beer, juices with ice, cold water etc. the location is usually, if you get sick (and, as a rule, chamomile, mint tea), and in restaurants it is not easy to find. And then Paterson says: ‘I have tea’. In Belarus it even sounds like a hint, but then for me it was a lifesaver. He watered me tea, I felt better, and I finally look at him. In the first days he showed me everything I wanted to see in the city, which fell still on the books of Jorge Amado, the historic center, the temple of the sea goddess, the best beaches and restaurants. All free the internship, the time we spent together, Paterson was at University and when I arrived, he had a vacation. He introduced me to Salvador and Brazil, was taught how to cook local dishes, and helped to settle in the Jorge Amado Museum on externship, explained the intricacies of the Portuguese language, which I have already well possessed, when arrived, had prepared me for the exam, which I passed in the end at the highest level. I extended the visa for up to six months (internship lasted for only three), to the maximum. Then I had to leave, and he agreed to come with me. My parents lived in Rio de Janeiro, New year was celebrated on red square, and then three weeks riding in the winter of Belarus, was on the concerts ‘Tracy’, visited a bunch of friends, and my, and his, surprisingly. And Paterson decided that it’s kind of silly that we’re talking to them, in addition to Portuguese, Brazilian, and began to teach the Portuguese language. Paterson said that the Belarusians, unlike the Brazilians, have still retained their own language, to ignore it is just silly. Since, as learned, in Brazilian we really weren’t talking anymore. Then he decided not to leave until I finish University, for one semester, ‘freezing’ study. We both got a job, Paterson taught English, Portuguese and Spanish. Conveniently, in Brazil and Belarus Brazilians can stay up to three months without a visa, without a break. One day, on may day, we went to Kiev for just one day, just in time to Patterson’s to leave after three months, walked there the whole day together. By late evening we are tired, we reached the statue ‘the Motherland’. And it turned out that he picked the most opportune moment to propose to me. I cried, of course, agreed, we exchanged rings, well, the next day I came back and told his parents. They responded without much emotion, finally. To get married we already decided in Brazil. Everything was very modest, quickly got married in the registry office on Wednesday morning and went to the beach. But the beautiful date that you can hardly forget. Parents for the wedding to come did not work, so we arranged for them then another ‘ceremony’ again exchanged rings already have other statues, near the Christ in Rio de Janeiro, when flying there with my parents and father-in-law, through a few years after the wedding. Her husband’s family accepted me very warmly (even the Brazilians first contact is usually very friendly), he had a large family dad, three brothers and two sisters (all adults, my husband the youngest), a whole Horde of nephews and countless aunts, uncles and cousins-sisters. All live separately, but love to gather for family events. Father-in-law I have very funny, he is over seventy years old, he plays the guitar and sings songs in different languages. My parents Paterson also immediately fell in love with, dad immediately took him to play football (you’re Brazilian.), and my mother marveled at his Brazilian language and chivalry. Once we were together on trips around Vilnius and went to the cemetery. And now it turns out that the Patterson family made after a visit to the cemetery to wash all clothes and clean shoes, and, immediately upon return. I asked if I do not wash (I have not had in this short trip, one change of clothes), we’re not in Brazil, and in my family have no such tradition. He said no problem. But when I tried to hug him in dirty clothes, did not had to wash. Most of my habits, like daily tea or eating raw fat under the soup the husband supports. Lunch here has some kind of special status. And if you say to someone that didn’t you, the reaction, if you’re going to die of hunger. Used to eat beans every day, it is a source of iron and protein, beans with rice, perhaps the most popular lunch dish, and probably the only one that is popular in the whole of Brazil (in General the country is huge and the traditions and cultural characteristics are very different depending on the region). Do not eat beans count, didn’t eat lunch. In the first months I was shocked by the abundance of delicious food, and for five years I never came across a place where cooked tasteless (even the cheapest student canteen will not find too salty soup or sticky rice). And here is a popular and inexpensive restaurants with food on the weight, or even steeper, without limitation, for a fixed fee. In the end, we all began to gain weight, succumbing to local traditions a good lunch and dinner. But after some time, succumbed to another, also typical of local trends, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and went to the gym.

Paterson sports and used to do, but for me it is a big breakthrough. Have learned to keep walking in flip-flops (like flip flops), at first it was uncomfortable, but now agree that it is the most comfortable shoes. In five years, almost accustomed to air conditioners and ice water, although still do not understand why all this. Learned to brush your teeth after each meal. Here this is a normal thing even in the toilet of the University canteen. And now, in another difficult. A separate budget is a normal practice, especially if both spouses work. On the other hand, at least in our family, there’s no rule that everyone must pay for themselves. For example, in the restaurant spontaneously, can I pay the bill, maybe he will usually depends on who took the money or the card, or who did not pay last time. Household duties, too, are divided, although the order in the house I owe more to my husband. I’m a terrible lazy, and if he did not show initiative, it would be more difficult. But generally try to share the cleaning equally. The first thing that impressed me, back in the day, it is announced to them rule: who was cooking, not washing dishes.

Very true

Cooking mood. We like to eat at home and try to cook, but when both are too lazy or don’t have time to go to a restaurant. But, actually, I’m not sure if this is typical of the Brazilian situation. For example, middle and high social classes often employ maids, not only in serials for a permanent job with accommodation (this is becoming more expensive with the improvement of labor rights), but for one day a week just to clean it up and prepare Lunches for the week. In contrast to the Belarusians, Brazilians have less Patriarchy in the head. I don’t see a strict division of labour into male and female, for example, in the upbringing of children men participated equally with women. Much less, in my opinion, there are opinions like ‘a woman should not be smarter than men’ or ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’, and so on that each have to give birth and stay home with the baby. I once more used, and my mom was surprised how many dads walking with their children less than mothers, and even in the hospital the father has the right to constantly accompany the woman in labor. I see it is connected not only with the fact that the Patriarchy is losing ground, but that all discrimination on any grounds is not welcome here. Violence, racism, homophobia are crimes, and serious and punishable practice. I was pleasantly impressive here creating no barrier environment at all levels of ramps and tracks for the visually impaired on the streets to teaching sign languages and Braille in the universities. Paterson I always ‘protect’ here, when a new familiar, for example, I don’t know what is Belarus, and (it happens sometimes) to think out, it’s the same part of Brazil, he explains the bright examples of the type ‘how would you like it if you, Brazilians, compared with the Argentines. Or called a Portuguese colony