The emphasis is always shifted in anticipation of global events. So we decided to plunge into the past and get acquainted with Brazil, which very soon after the Olympics. We are interested to know what were girls and beaches in Brazil about fifty years ago. We managed to plunge into the atmosphere of hot Sunny beaches in the photography of canadian photographer Blake Smith, who visited beaches, such as Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana. Familiar names. Yes, these beaches are excellent: clean hot sand, warm sun, turquoise ocean, empty streets of cities, in which all the free time residents spend it at the beach.

Let them not stand out curvaceous Breasts and buttocks style have not yet sunk to the minds of the beautiful half of the population of Brazil, but they are slender, lean, athletic.

Nice to see

So let’s fast forward a year, and watch the situation on the popular beaches of Brazil