Though appearance and not a fundamental factor in the choice of partner, but that it pushes many of our girls to pay attention to the profiles of Portuguese men. In appearance they are similar to Spaniards — black hair, fine facial features and captivating eyes, but in nature more reserved, not noisy. Many of them love elegantly and tastefully dressed. The Portuguese men from childhood are taught to respect women, and this applies not only to mothers, wives. Any woman, whether she’s at work, in transport or on the street feels the gallantry of the southerners. And with their wives the Portuguese have a special relationship. They do not recognize the words of his wife, and turning to his wife, which means beloved. Our compatriots are willing to create family with Portuguese men.

They devote a lot of time with the family, and raising children. In the case of the birth of a child of the newly made father is given a five-day leave so he could help his wife at first. Even after the divorce, the Portuguese help and participate in the education of their children. In Portugal is considered to be the Saturday men’s day. On this day, men gather in a tavern, where they spend time in conversation with a glass of Madeira. Another fascination polls all of the Portuguese is football. For them it is not just a sport — it is a»religion»of the country.

Want to please the Portuguese love football

On the occasion of the victory in the favorite team arranged a spectacular the holidays, and missed goals laments the world.

Portuguese men — heavy smokers

European healthy lifestyle here does not take root, and Portugal still occupies a leading place in the number of smokers.

Portugal — like a small province of Europe

If you do not pay attention to such things as highways and Golf courses, it is possible to think that the Portuguese have not changed since the days of Magellan and Vasco da Gama. They make wonderful wine, but the grapes are still crushed underfoot, they have shops full of fish, and they prefer to catch it on a rod, as before, they live in large families — young people to care for the elderly, educate seniors and Junior all under one roof