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The only requirement

this is not to disseminate illegal information and spam and advertising. Due to the fact that to speak with your new caller can be almost about anything, the developers have set a limit on Chat roulette for Android, a proven way to find a good friend interesting companion and even other half what not rarely happens in our modern and technological world. The main highlight of this application is that, it is not necessary that the next user will know the Brazilian language. To communicate with other users you can not only through video, but just chatting. If you want to witness the exchange of other couples, then you can easily connect to any open discussion. Can do so and other participants of the project, wanting to see what ‘bet’ that you and your interlocutors, because many people prefer not to just talk for life, and to engage in the real debate, which is always interesting. If suddenly the application stopped function properly, it needs to restart and also check the quality of the Internet connection, without it the program, of course, will not work