Faced with the problem, I’m working on one in Python itself

The customers themselves to contact not supposed to

Well, that works well, and I realized something. If you overwrite the server, it will generate their public keys and replace the client sends out another customer. This this way the server can decrypt messages on their way between clients. Is there any way to check the authenticity of the key, and something else. you know, there are forums, but there is no help, counting on you) Sitting on a couple of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), have all their notebooks, the teacher gave the task, sit, write programs. The latter sits in your notebook and something, too, writes, as it seemed to me. I quickly did the job (here is to say that if you did the task and showed it to the teacher, then you go and give another). To get one more task I didn’t so I just sharilsya on the Internet and decided for fun to go to chat-roulette. And how fate is ironic: — minutes of searching different interlocutors, I ran into my teacher. We locked eyes outside of the notebook, he wrote, so I pretended that nothing had happened, and closed the tab with me. Help find a video where two guys were sitting on the site Chatroulette and they came across another wanker they got rid of him, but then again it, and on and on. Then they saw that he was already fingering their house on the first floor, and the next time skip he was closer. In the end, they fear barricaded the door to the room, and the man came out and appeared behind them