The fact that the city is inhabited mainly by the fairer sex. And almost ladies aged twenty to thirty-five years, announced the search for a soulmate.

Young men on reaching the age of sent to other cities, and those women who are married, their husbands visit only on weekends. The only men whom we expect to meet are either already married or our family, said -year-old citizen Nelma Fernandes.

All dream to fall in love and get married

But we like to live here, and nobody wants to leave, to find her husband, an unusual settlement appeared in the century. Its founder, Maria Senorina de Lima, was forced to leave his hometown after she was accused of adultery. It should be noted that she was issued against his will. The woman is not desperate and organized a kind of commune, which began to flock to other poor women. After that, Mary and all her descendants to the fifth generation, was excommunicated from the Church. The city of women, isolated from the outside world, gradually expanded. There was a sort of way of life, which in fact is a matriarchy. Women are taking control of the city and engaged in farming. So bachelors who are going to try her luck, should take this into account. They will have to get used to the existing rules, a priest of the Evangelical Church, Anisio Pereira took a wife from among the local residents. He organized in the town Church and tried to set pretty strict rules dictated by the religion. In particular, they forbade women to cut their hair, drink alcohol and even listen to music, and also to use any kind of contraceptives. After Pereira died, women Noiva do Cordeiro decided that they will never allow men to dictate to them how to live. I would like to meet with men who will forget his life, to become a part of our lives. But they will have to do what we say and live according to our rules, warned Nelma Fernandes. -the summer local resident Rosalia Fernandez said: Women do many things better than men. Our city is nicer than many others, there are better organized than where responsible men. If there are any problems, we solve them like a woman trying to negotiate, instead of conflicting, All rights to any materials published on this site are protected in accordance with Brazilian and international legislation on copyright and related rights. The use of any audio, photo and video materials, posted on the website, is only allowed with permission and a link to the website