Women from the Brazilian city of Noiva do Cordeiro suggested that single men from all over the world to move in with him. This small town is known for the fact that it lives in a largely female population — more people aged twenty to thirty-five years.

The desire to marry they are told in the press and on the city page in Facebook, while stressing that interest them only bachelors who wouldn’t mind a matriarchal way of life.

Brides used to manage the farm and the city

Some women Noiva do Cordeiro have children and husbands, but they work outside the city and only occasionally come home. While single girls are forbidden to marry the sons of the married ladies, as descendants of many families have long associated ties of kinship. Press girls Noiva do Cordeiro said that they already kissed, and not just dream about, to fall in love and marry. The call single Brazilian ladies have already responded to male from Brazil, India, Egypt, China, USA and many other countries.

Brazilians do not hurry in Noiva do Cordeiro

Noiva do Cordeiro translates from Portuguese as»bride Cordeiro». Based women’s settlement was in Maria Senorina de Lima after her cheating husband, she was forced to leave the family. For committing the act she was excommunicated from the Church and betrayed her kind of anathema to the fifth generation