appearance on the Internet of its users became at one game more. Now you can get away from the standard text chat and communication with pictures, which sometimes was hiding, not the people. Chat roulette provides the opportunity for online communication with use of the camera, that is, when interlocutors can see each other while talking. This approach to communication has become a real breakthrough, and after appearing in the Internet like mushrooms increased local chat roulette. Often the chat roulette created for foreign users: Americans, British, French. There are, of course, and an international chat that supports many languages and has a geographical filter, but, as a rule, sits a small number of compatriots. Many participants of the chat roulette admit that for them it is important to communicate with people who speak the same language with them. Communicate with foreigners easily available for everyone, because English and other languages in Brazilian schools are not studied very intensively. If you only know a few common phrases in a foreign, you little help. Sign language is also not an assistant is an interesting and prolonged contact of the exchange of gestures will not work. Agree with the person who speak the same language and can understand your mentality, to communicate much easier and more enjoyable. You can discuss the issues of politics, show-business, work and many others. In the end, to find a soul mate among Portuguese-speaking interlocutors easier. And you can also find a potential employer. To chat in video Chat is easy but to say goodbye to you with equal ease. By pressing, you just abruptly cut off your conversation. And no shame then you will experience, because the likelihood of connections with the previous speaker tends to zero. If your friend will provide you with a favorable impression, then you will be able to maintain his contacts and not lose them in the roulette of the sea visitors