Many men in their fantasies imagined an island completely populated by exotic women. Of course, fantasy is fantasy, but what if it turns out to be a reality. In a certain respect, such a place exists is a town in Brazil. This picturesque provincial town on the hills over populated and controlled almost exclusively by women. Sons are sent away in, and relatives are not allowed inside the city, with the exception of weekends. Now women have decided that they need a few single men in the city.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be too difficult. All men must follow all the laws and practices that set women, from urban development to agriculture, religion, and more. To understand why such a city exists, it is necessary to know its history: the city was founded in Signorina Maria de Lima, who was excommunicated for adultery after she escaped from the man, whom she was forced to marry. Eventually, it was joined by other single women and families headed by women, and so there was a closed community. The pastor of the Evangelical Church, Anisio Pereira, took one -year-old girls to be his wife and founded a Church there, establishing strict Puritan rules. When he died, the women of the city have determined that they’re never going to become pawns of male domination, and dismantled Pereira’s Church. Resident Nelma Fernandes, twenty-three years, says the Only men we single girls meet are either married or have family ties with us.

We all dream to fall in love and get married

But we like living here, and we don’t want to leave the city to find her husband. By the way, since the city of the Amazons was in the news website with their announcement of permanent lies