Women from the Brazilian women’s commune (translated from the Portuguese»Brides Kodaira») appealed to men around the world with a proposal to move them to permanent residence. The community, located in the town of Belo Vale, has about the Brazilian ladies aged twenty to thirty-five years. An appeal to the men on the planet, a resident appealed through the page of the commune on Facebook and the local press.

However, not every man can become a resident of the municipality he must be unmarried and will be required to take the matriarchal principles of life: local Brazilians are accustomed to manage their community on their own, without the help members of the opposite sex.

The history of the city dates back to V

It was founded by Maria Seigniory de Lima, banished from the family for the betrayal of her husband.

Over the years, the way of life in the commune has not undergone major changes

The main livelihood in this area is agriculture, many women in the commune have husbands and sons, but they are forced to work in other cities and only some are allowed to see on the weekends. The call girls have noticed men from all over the world, including representatives from Brazil. According to the young generation of Brazilians living in the community, they haven’t kissed for many years and wanted to get married