More videos about Brazil: Fruits of Brazil — video. Where to go in são Paulo- video. Christmas in Brazil — video. Every time I meet a Brazilian man, he begins to ask about my husband — the husband has horns of any size. Olga, I am very interested to watch your video, since I Brazilian in Brazil, it is interesting to see the reverse situation. Not the first time I look, just can’t remember wrote a review or not. As I understand it, you live in Sao Paulo, Yes. The appearance of people in Brazil is very different in different regions. In the South, for example, are generally bright and blue or green eyes) Well, culture is also, in principle, may differ. What you said about personal issues, I sounded strange, for example. The first time I heard such questions as how much money you make or how much they pay for rent. from almost strangers in Brazil. In Brazil (at least in the state of paraná, where I was born) it is even not polite to ask such questions. You ask my age, on the contrary, in Brazil is normal — but not in Brazil) About the colors, I agree, Brazilian love to give more often and more) Keep up the good work on your channel. It is so cool to tell) me can, you have it as) Who asked you about the salary, it is also not very polite in Brazil depends on man, but usually polite people don’t ask. Thank you.) you wrote this comment or someone helped. and with a fright should give way to a healthy young woman. where you have seen such a thing, author. about Plaks totally agree — my favorite too, cries often and is so touching. very cute. but it is their empty promises of course a minus. although the same there) thanks for the video. Please tell different men living in different territories. I am interested in the life of men from the state of Mat gross. Occupation-what kind of men popular of a profession, provide for your family or have decided to work and wife. What religion spread. mainly Catholicism. very common, followed Protestantism. Men know of only from the state of são Paulo and minus the rice) mostly men provide for the family, but there are different situations) thank you, very interesting video. I live in the capital Brasilia, is also not seen particularly blondes, as you say — dark, black and curly In Ukraine have not seen that women somewhere gave way, even pregnant women are not always inferior, but about ordinary and elderly do not say anything. Except for March. But with the usual politeness is still better than in Ukraine, and in Brazil, I think, too. me about the gallantry most liked, how to listen so our right was filled up with flowers, fur coats and almost you wear. nonsense in short. And about our and theirs about Olga, good day, I read the comet decided to also write, you look great, don’t listen to anybody, it’s a great all simply and clearly, nothing more, thank you very much, success. With great pleasure watching. Hello. Well, I was just figuratively it is usually something canned. Well, who begin to conduct a conversation, that always also the Bank offers some huge it is hard to believe that in Brazil, a little fair-haired people. Because in the southern States, almost inhabitants are Creoles-grandchildren and great-grandchildren of immigrants from Europe(Germans,Italians,Spaniards,Portuguese,poles,Ukrainians).Really none of them are blondes. This little hard to believe. Don’t listen to Sergei, it does not spoil, on the contrary gives zest, as some hooked nose. But Sergei with your brain not luck, it’s forever. Anyway, I love Finland and will not want to move. Here is a very good country for all people, especially for the disabled, children and the elderly. Of course, it has its own problems and shortcomings, but if you compare with Brazil, these problems, not the problem. The only thing here missing is the sun in the winter. In Brazil it very much.-) There is a joke about Finns sitting in this clearing, the Italian, the German and the Finn. Before them the cow is grazing. The Italian thinks: What a beautiful cow. The German thinks: I wonder how much is this cow. Finn sits and thinks: I wonder what the cow thinks of me. Anecdote in point. Living here for years. But being married for seventeen years. Previously lived in Rio de Janeiro. My husband doesn’t similar to Finns though Finn. It differs from the Finns, otherwise would not have so many years to live with him. The only thing he’s similar to his compatriots is what it thinks about the others, but the Finns are very closed people, they are cold, reserved, very stingy with the feelings, or rather don’t know how to Express them. Don’t know how to apologize and to thank(I mean a personal relationship). Finns are very envious people. So they carefully closed from the neighbors. For the Finns it is very important the opinion of other people about them, they are always concerned about what people think about them neighbors, colleagues and friends. I live in Finland. No one here and no one gives way on public transport. Men and women are equal here, sometimes it seems that women sometimes take more initiative in their own hands. Here people are curious, they are interesting, but the question about personal, pay here, no one will and in General, the Finns do not climb into someone else’s life and do not give advice if they themselves do not ask, which I really like. The Finns required, responsible and punctual-which is also to my liking. I liked the Brazilians, they are fun and sociable, beer they have is disgusting and it should be almost like ice that you can drink.

very interesting topic to me. I heard on the news that even the President has canceled some appointment to view the latest episode of some TV series.) do the Brazilians soap operas so much as talking about it and whether or not the series Prospekt Brazil (port.) is very famous in Brazil. Other topics: about Brazilian food. About Brazilian women. About Brazilian schools About how the Brazilians have a rest (at home, on weekends, on vacation). Olga, very interesting and fun) Crying jocks who watch Brazilian soap operas) I live in Thailand for three years and still know little about the local men) Is that noticed that all the issues then it solves the woman and so even the expense of in the restaurant her. Olga, you wanted to ask, and the local subway, there are women’s cars, or these cars only in Rio there. You have here there was a report about metro. I know that cars for women wanted to do in Brasilia, but local residents were strongly opposed, but in Rio they still exist. Oh Sergei, do not pour salt on the wound, do you think that twenty-five years I have never seen your teeth in the mirror. unfortunately, it is expensive, but when you get a chance I’ll deliver. thanks for the notice, but I think it would be more tactful to remain silent. like in that movie not teach me how to live, better help financially) no offense but the braces you can not wait for you even when you say trying to hide teeth with lips, just a year to wear them well to look askance will not, but may in the face to say why are you so fat. go to the gym, stop eating sweets etc. (familiar people) the French in many respects similar to Brazilians). Apparently, it is only on the territory of the former USSR remained a small island of chivalry, though the courtesy is becoming more and more rare. Which is a pity