Jun in social networks there was a video with lewd song in Portuguese. Judging by the buildings in the background, the video shot on Nikolskaya street in Moscow, where gathered a lot of fans. In the video, a young woman, in appearance similar to the Brazilian, is surrounded by several men in t-shirts of the Brazilian national team (in June, she played the first match at the world Cup) the fans start screaming the wordwhich can be neutrally translated as»Vagina pink», removing the events on video and in English, provoking the girl. She, laughing, singing along, obviously not understanding the words. In Brazil watched the video in social networks hundreds of thousands of times. Many protested. Writes, sometimes the video was shared as a joke, but a negative response was noticeable. Tweed with a comment that men use the fact that the woman doesn’t know Portuguese, and abusing hospitality,»liked»thousands of times. More than fifty thousand times on Facebook shared an entry in which the author apologized in front of all the women watching the video, recalled that in Brazil, every two hours is killing women and every minute of the rape.»Machismo must be exterminated.

This reinforces the stereotypes that underlie machismo, which in turn is the cause of murders and rapes,»wrote the author. About the video, and the outraged response to it wrote a local media. In a discussion about the video included politicians and celebrities behavior men condemned including MP Maria to the rose garden and the model of Fernando Lima.

The media began to identify men with video

They were civil servants former and current. The first identified the lawyer Diego Zhadobu (video to the right of the girl), in the past the head of the Department of tourism in one of the Brazilian municipalities. According to the publication, he was convicted of misappropriation of funds and for the debt of alimony to his wife. The organization of the state bar of Pernambuco recognized that zhadoba part of the organization, and condemned the video.»Statistics of violence against women raises questions about the need for early modifications of the Maoist and the Patriarchal culture in which we live our society,»said the organization. Was later identified Lieutenant of the military police Well, Eduardo niches, serving in the state of Santa Catarina. His leadership has promised to start a disciplinary investigation in connection with conduct not in accordance with the status of the military.

No Zhadobu or, well, niche review reporters were not given

Brazilian media talk about bringing men to justice in Brazil and note that this is only possible in the case complaints by women. In Brazil videos big distribution has not received the name of the woman and whether she intends to complain to the authorities, is unknown