Speaking about culture of Brazil, we can point to some of its main manifestations. There are things that has universal sound and fame.

Someone even inclined to say that Samba is the embodiment of the main Brazilian traditions. No carnival is not complete without the rhythms of the Samba. But it would be simplistic to think so, because in here thrive and are specific to the Brazilian phenomenon of capoeira, syncretic culture of the black population, Candomble and umbanda, the people’s carnival rites, quite unlike the tourist carnival at the sambodrome in Rio de Janeiro. Culture of Brazil — it is often unjustly little-known among our compatriots Brazilian writers. One of the greatest Brazilian writers who have enriched the culture of Brazil is Joaquim Machado de assis. The exception for the inhabitants of the former USSR, obviously, is the widely-known work of Jorge Amado, allowed in his time in the Soviet Union due to the close proximity to Communist views. Our contemporary Paulo Coello, despite the inconsistency of his perception of light as a popular writer, became loved among the millions of inhabitants of the former USSR. Do not forget about the practical insanity of our countrymen at the time, the first Brazilian TV series, which became a legend of the end of the last century. Another manifestation of Brazilian culture is, of course, football. For the majority of Brazilians, football is not just a game, this is the real religion. Despite some of the political friction of the protest against the World Cup year, football was and remains the pride of the Brazilian people. The Brazilian team won the world Cup most number of times — five. Brazilians themselves call Pentacampeones. Names like legends of football pelé and young talents like Neymar became international hits.

Classic is eternal

But Brazilian music is not static. What music is most popular in Brazil at the moment. Today, the first position — Brazil — a country with a bright, charm, multicultural environment.

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