Even the first and superficial acquaintance with Rio brought quite a lot of surprises. Or rather, some things were quite predictable and logical: Yes, Brazilians love beaches, but they can not imagine their life without football, and Yes, there is love dancing until you drop to morning. But the essence of the concepts»hot Brazilian woman»and at least»hot Brazilian male»fully reached me only here on the famous beaches of Rio. But today, talk a lot do not want to come better to watch Brazilian beauties and handsome men.). Let’s start with the girls. What makes the Brazilian woman»hot»and certainly»a poet’s dream.»Eyes. Skin.

As it turned out, in the first place curvy.

Sometimes even too much

Wrong blew on the approach to the beach, and on the other hand, think of it, anywhere it happens. But the beach things were not much better Though, on the other hand, who said that curvy is bad.) As it was inconvenient to take lots of photos and reasons that we are in Rio and due to the fact that not everyone could appreciate such attention to his person. But to be honest, this concentration of fat I have not seen, perhaps never. And the explanation is not too long to wait) Chips, hamburgers, sandwiches and really the most common and affordable street food in Brazil. The result on the appropriate place. But some still choose yogurt, and lemonade.) But whatever you say, sport is much more favoured by the stronger sex. And the result of it is visible to the naked eye. Honestly, the experience of visiting the most famous beach of Rio remained mixed But one thing is absolutely certain. Here it is necessary to visit. And if I do not»show themselves», then»others to watch»for sure. And even then, Rio will not disappoint spectacle